An American Rendition uses integrated text, movement and extended vocal techniques to depict the story of an American citizen who is kidnapped, interrogated and tortured in a secret prison while we distract ourselves with TV realty shows.
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Fleeting Thoughts: Mr. Henderson's 3AM (2006) explores the events of a restless nocturnal mind-non-sequiturs both wacky and tender, hilarious and profound. Read More

Persephone (2004) explores the Greek myth of Persephone, who is so admired by Hades that he abducts her and forces her to live with him as queen of the underworld. Read More

ASPHALT (2001) is a dance/opera that tells the story of Racine, an artist abandoned as a child, who walks out of his life and into the landscape of ritual hauntings on the streets of New York City. Read More

Three Bagatelles for the Righteous (1996) is a suite of three dances to sound bytes of political and religious leaders, including: Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Bill Clinton and Pat Robertson. Read More
S/He (1995) uses gender and race reversals to take a new look at current events and social attitudes in America. A black female president of the US holds a press conference with the audience while the Clarence Thomas hearings present a black female Senate panel presiding over a white Thomas and Anita Hill. Read More

Faith Healing (1993) is an original dance/theater piece that takes the story line of Tennessee Williams' play The Glass Menagerie as its point of departure. The company’s approach to the play is a distillation of elements, focusing on the musicality and rhythm of language, the telling psychology of movement and the visualization of fantasy. Read More

Deportment (1992) is a searing satire of racial and sexual hatred, hypocrisy, and good manners in America. In Part I Alice is carefully taught all the socially correct forms of racism, homophobia, and sexism necessary to become a Southern Lady. Read More

Cliffs Notes: Macbeth premiered during the height of the high rolling 80's. Presented as a cautionary tale of the 80's, the piece juxtaposed Wall St. yuppies with punk rocker witches in a world of seething greed. Read More


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