Beauty is a provocative dance/theater work exploring the American notion of female beauty through the lens of Barbie. Movement vocabulary is derived from an investigation of Barbie's limited, robotic abilities contrasted with a fully expressive dance vocabulary. Beauty includes a Barbie beauty contest and an intimate encounter between Barbie and Ken. During the course of the evening, we become acquainted with the performers as Barbie dolls, as contestants, as characters with beauty aspirations, and as the dancers behind all these personas.

Faith Healing is an original dance/theater piece that takes the story line of Tennessee Williams' play The Glass Menagerie as its point of departure. The company’s approach to the play is a distillation of elements, focusing on the musicality and rhythm of language, the telling psychology of movement and the visualization of fantasy.
Underground River (1998), winner of a 1998 BESSIE Award as a "risk-taking and profound theatrical tour de force," is an exploration of the rich fantasy life of a girl who appears to the outside world to be unconscious. Read More

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